Councils around the country begin to replace plastic dog tags with metal ones

Eco 18/05/2021

Selwyn District Council, Hutt City Council and Wellington City Council are leading council's around the country in replacing the plastic dog registration tags with metal ones that last the dog's entire lifetime.

The One Tag initiative aims to reduce the amount of plastic waste going to the district’s landfills. Also we want to make it easier for the dog owners to renew their dog registration every year. 

The tag lightweight and comes in two round-shaped sizes: 25mm for smaller dogs and 35mm for bigger ones.

There are different coloured metal tags for different councils, and the back of the tag is blank so that owners can get the dog's name engraved on it if they wish.

“In the last five years alone we’ve issued around 60,000 plastic dog tags in Wellington City, and given there are currently around 14,000 dogs registered in the Capital and that number is continually increasing, the switch to the One Tag will make a big difference over time.” said Wellington City Mayor Andy Foster.

What a good initiative, hopefully other councils can implement this soon!