80s TV show 'Garbage Pail Kids' is getting a reboot

80s 31/05/2021

The popular 80s TV show (that was also made into a movie in 1987, and had a series of books and trading cards) is being given a 2021 reboot!

'Garbage Pail Kids' was originally satire against the hugely popular Cabbage Patch Kids, but ended up being huge successes of their own.

The new animated TV show will be geared toward all ages so it won’t be as gross as you might remember. Some of them had names like Drippy Dan, Oozy Suzy and Virus Iris.

If you want to catch up on the Garbage Pail Kids, you can watch the 1987 movie on Amazon Prime Video. The movie got awful reviews when it came out but it can be a fun, nostalgic movie to watch to relive the days of the ’80s!