Snifters are back in a brand new chocolate block

Must See 29/04/2021

Cadbury have created a yummy new Dairy Milk chocolate block inspired by the iconic Kiwi treat - Snifters.

The new block combines Cadbury milk chocolate with chewy Snifters mint flavoured marshmallows that are scattered throughout.

“Snifters continues to be one of our most highly requested flavours and we’re delighted to bring it back to Kiwis in another new form. We think Snifters fans will love this new take on their iconic movie treat. Whether Kiwis are sitting down to watch a big budget superhero flick or a classic romcom, we’re excited to hear what they think and are confident this new treat will be a fan favourite among Kiwis.” says the head of marketing at Cadbury NZ.

You can grab yourself a block at supermarkets, dairies and other good stores around New Zealand now!