Brian May confirms Queen are recording with Adam Lambert

music news 14/04/2021

A new Queen album is on the way! Well... potentially.

Brian May has revealed Queen have started recording new music with Adam Lambert, but the studio sessions haven't been going exactly to plan.

Bri said that the group have been recording and "trying things out" in the studio, but unfortunately nothing they have written or recorded has gotten them excited yet.

Brian said that they are taking their time with these recordings, but new music will get to us eventually.

Asked about a potential new record, Contact Music quotes May telling Guitar Player Magazine: "I always say, 'I don't know.' It would have to be a very spontaneous moment,"

"Actually, Adam, Roger and myself have been in the studio trying things out, just because things came up."

"But up to this point we haven't felt that anything we've done has hit the button in the right way."

"So it's not like we're closed to the idea, it's just that it hasn't happened yet."

We have our fingers crossed that something clicks soon and we can hear some new Queen + Adam Lambert!