You can now get gorgeous cushions made from your pets fur

Must See 12/03/2021

If you are the proud owner of a fur baby who loves to shed, then why not put the fur to good use and get it crafted into a gorgeous pillow? It's a great way to honour your pet, and will stay around once they cross the rainbow bridge.

Creative entrepreneur Dalia Holsman from Love of Weaving came up with the genius idea  because “a fur-baby cushion means you can still have a part of them around you, even when they are no longer here.”.

Speaking to Mama Mag, she said:  “The next time you take your dog to the pet groomers, make sure you ask for the fur that they collect after they have finished. I can take that fur and weave it into a beautiful cushion so you will always have your dog near you, even after they have gone.”

“When they’re alive, we’ll do anything we can to express our love for them. This is why we care so deeply and love them so unconditionally. It’s also why we’re left with a horrible void when they’re gone,” says Holsman.

"To create a cushion, I need about one supermarket shopping bag filled with groomed fur. I then clean it, have it spun into yarn which I then use to create these upmarket cushions that are a stunning addition to any home. But they will mean so much more to you."

Unfortunately, Dalia doesn't ship out of Australia yet. So if you want to get one of your own, it may be a good idea to get a friend or family member in Aussie to act as your middle man and get the cushion from Love of Weaving sent to their house and then onto you in New Zealand.

To find out more about fur-baby cushions, or to order one for your home, go to