Robbie Williams to be portrayed by CGI monkey in his biopic 'Better Man'

music news 04/03/2021

Bizarre news has been revealed about Robbie William's upcoming biopic, the film will be taking on a 'fantastical' theme and thus Robbie will be portrayed as a CGI monkey.

The news, which has been reported by multiple news sources, has made some fans feel that the movie may be a little bit bonkers, but many fans also understand that Robbie is no straight-lined kinda guy.

Better Man will tell the story of Williams' rise to fame and experiences that made him who he is, showing the highs and lows of his life.

On the film, the director said: "All Robbie's songs will be re-sung, for the emotion of the moment. If in his life he's in the depths of despair, he's not going to sing a song as cabaret flamboyant showmanship – it's going to be broken, acapella, stripped down, because that's where he is emotionally."

"In moments of pure joy, you'll get songs sung in this whirlwind of hysteria. So essentially every song in the film, Robbie will sing, but it will be performed for the emotion of that moment, and that scene."

It will be very interesting to see a CGI monkey singing 'Angels' thats for sure.