Queen's Brian May releases brand new single 'Panic Attack 2021'

music news 31/03/2021

Queen's Brian May has released a brand new single alongside his singing partner Kerry Ellis. The song is called 'Panic Attack 2021' and is an antidote to COVID-19 anxiety.

The duo, who have had a close friendship for two decades, have written 'Panic Attack 2021' as a reimagining of their 2017 single 'It's Gonna Be All Right (The Panic Attack Song)'.

The release comes after the pair played the song live online to celebrate New Years Eve and decided to rework the hit after it chimed with fans all over the world.

Sharing how the new version came about, Brian said: “At the close of 2020 there was a feeling that perhaps saying goodbye to that year would bring relief from the pandemic and a new era of hope would now begin.

"Sadly, following a very muted and restricted celebration of Christmas, the New Year dawned with the realisation that the mankind’s struggle was probably going to get worse before it got better.

"Kerry and I realised that The Panic Attack song now potentially had a whole new meaning to literally millions of people around the world who felt a growing sense of panic.

"In the UK, there was definitely a feeling that we had all been cheated of our Happy New Year. So we wanted to mark the occasion in a completely real and transparent way.”