Eleven things you can use tin foil for

Must See 18/03/2021

Tin foil is one of the most versatile assets you can keep in your kitchen. It has so many more uses than just covering left over food! Here are eleven handy hacks that you can use your roll of tin foil on.

Make ironing quicker
Placing foil underneath your ironing board cover (shiny side up) will increase the heat and therefore remove stubborn wrinkles faster. This simple hack also means you don’t have to iron both sides of your clothes.

Make your own touch pen
If you wrap the tip of a normal pen in foil, and ensure the tip is pointed, you can use it as a touch-point pen for some digital devices.

Fix rusted chrome racks
Scrunch some foil into a loose ball and rub it over the rust, your chrome rack will be back to its shiny self in no time.


Make blunt scissors sharp again
If the household scissors need re-sharpening simply cut into a sheet of aluminium foil up to 10 times to have cleaner, sharper shears.

Remove static electricity
If your clothes and sheets come out of the dryer full of static electricity, remember to pop a ball of scrunched-up aluminium foil into the dryer when you do the next load. No more static.

Remove stains from your iron
If your iron has developed some stains a gentle rub with aluminium foil should remove them.

Clean silverware
In order to clean silver, put aluminum foil on the bottom of a tray. Then add some baking soda, salt, and boiled water. Swish it around to dissolve the salt and baking soda. Allow to soak and buff.

Protect food from burning
In order to protect food from sticking in the frying pan, put a layer of foil in the bottom. This is also how you can cook without oil.

Improve the Wi-Fi signal
Foil can help to improve a Wi-Fi signal. Fold it several times, and put it behind the antenna like a screen.

Whiten your teeth
Mix some baking soda with toothpaste, and put a thick layer of this mixture over a foil strip. Apply the strip to your teeth. Remove it after one hour, and rinse your mouth thoroughly.

Remove stubborn nail or gel polish, or acrylics
Dip cotton balls in acetone and put them on your nails. Then cover each nail with aluminum foil squares and let your nails soak in acetone for 30 minutes. Remove the foil and the cotton balls from your nails and wipe the loosened nails with cuticle sticks.