Prince Harry is reportedly self-isolating so he can fly home for Prince Philip

royals 19/02/2021

Royal fans are worried for Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh after reports from the Daily Mirror revealed that Prince Harry is self-isolating so he can protect himself from Covid and fly to the UK in a dash if his grandfather's condition worsens.

"The Duke of Sussex has decided to stay at his £11million California mansion permanently while his grandfather is in hospital, in case of the need to fly at short notice.

"He has already made arrangements to fly by private jet and is being kept 'regularly informed' of his grandfather’s condition."

It's unclear if Meghan would also travel with Harry should the need arise. The source added, "Harry is of course concerned for his grandfather's welfare and is being kept regularly informed on his condition. He has chosen to stay in case he is required to return to the UK at short notice."

It was revealed earlier in the week that Prince Philip was taken to hospital as a precaution after he was feeling unwell. Details around what may be wrong are scarce, but it is understood that it is not Coronavirus.

We hope Prince Philip gets well soon! We know how much he means to Prince Harry. The pair have a bond like no other.