Pink's daughter Willow shows off powerful voice in gorgeous video

music news 10/02/2021

P!nk is officially on Tik Tok, and she sure is bringing the sunshine.

P!nk's first video shows P!nk and her daughter Willow finishing up a short chat where Willow concludes, "Or I could just sing 'Cover Me in Sunshine,'" and delves right into the sweet original song.

"Cover me in sunshine/ Shower me in good times/ Tell me that the world's been spinning/ Since the beginning and everything will be all right/ Just cover me in sunshine," 

There's no word as to whether the song is an original by Willow, or one written by P!nk. But either way, it's super catchy! P!nk even got her son Jameson to have a go at singing it, although he sang it very differently to his older sister...

Watch his version (dueting with his mum!) below.