Olivia Newton-John shares positive update on third cancer treatment

music news 18/02/2021

Olivia Newton-John has said that she feels "wonderful" after completing her third cancer treatment.

Olivia was joined by her daughter Chloe Lattanzi for an interview on The One Show where she gave an update.

Despite having stage-four cancer, which has metastasised, she reassured: "Oh no, I'm fine, I just - listen, I was dealing with metastatic breast cancer for the last seven years but I feel great. 

"Every day is a gift," she continued, adding: "I feel really wonderful."

"I’m using a lot of plant medicine and medicinal cannabis that my husband grows for me, and I am feeling wonderful." Olivia said.

Sitting by her side, her daughter nods along in agreement, before she says: "Look at her!"

This is Olivia's third battle with cancer. She was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 1992.