Listen to Ed Sheeran, Queen & ABBA if you want a productive work day, says study

Must See

If you want to have a more productive work day than most, then make sure you turn up Queen & Ed Sheeran's music!

A new study by British employee engagement company Sodexo asked over 2,000 employees which music they listen to for productivity, and pop music was there was two clear favourites.

Queen, specifically the band's 1979 single Don't Stop Me Now, Ed Sheeran's Thinking Out Loud and Mozart's Marriage of Figaro were the highest ranked.

A few songs by Oasis, P!nk and ABBA also made the list.

The company made a Spotify playlist of the songs called 'Productivity Playlist' if you would like to view the whole list - or you could just turn up The Breeze on your radio or rova...