Kiwi family rallying for national day in honour of man who created Pineapple Chunks

Must See 19/02/2021

Just weeks after it was announced Kiwis can look forward to a brand new public holiday in celebration of Matariki, a Kiwi family has started rallying for a new national day in celebration of the Oamaru man who created Pineapple Chunks.

The granddaughter of the creator, Mr Charles Diver, has has applied to international organisations Days of the Year and National Day for November 22, Diver’s birthday, to be "National Pineapple Chunks Day".

"The reasoning behind it is to get recognition for New Zealand and Charles Diver for the creation of Pineapple Chunks," she said to the Otago Daily Times.

"Australia has already tried to steal the creation of them – and Pascall has changed the name to Pineapple Lumps."

"I also really like the idea of a small regional business getting more attention and support, especially when employment is provided in the town."

Mr Diver invented the iconic Kiwi lolly in the early 1950s while working at Regina Confections - now known as Rainbow Confectionery.

Mr Diver is a bit of a well-known icon in the North Otago town, with the local library honouring him with a display on their premises.

We wish the Diver family the best of luck in getting this small-town Kiwi hero the recognition he deserves!