Family turn "Total Eclipse of the Heart" into a lockdown power ballad parody

Must See 11/02/2021

While us Kiwis are able to enjoy the freedoms of travelling our own backyard and having a relatively normal work/school life, families in the UK are still keeping to their home bubbles.

With schools only considering to open in March, it's the third lockdown for the Marsh parents and their four kids. And between "screens" and "eating" they've also put together this excellent parody of Bonnie Tyler's 'Total Eclipse of the Heart'.

Once upon a time we could travel abroad
Now we barely get in the car
There's nothing we can do
We're totally fixed where we are.

It's already got a great response with over a million views - with many viewers loving the "interpretive angst dance" and suggesting the family compete in the next Eurovision competition!

Watch their Bonnie Tyler parody in the video above.