People are ditching traditional toilet paper for reusable cloth rolls

Eco 20/01/2021

This time last year we reported that you were now able to purchase reusable cloth toilet paper. The invention divided the internet, with some seeing a great purpose for it and others flat out disgusted.

But now it seems that the reusable cloth toilet rolls are in the early beginnings of being a trend, with them replacing the traditional toilet roll in homes around the globe.

The toilet rolls come in a whole bunch of different patterns and colours, and being mostly adopted by families who are familiar with cloth nappies for babies.

Instagram user @scoopmarketplace shared her thoughts on reusable toilet paper and how her family use it and it makes for a rather interesting (and perhaps uncomfortable!) read.

"When we first started cloth diapering almost 5 years ago, I started to learn about this idea of cloth TP, also referred to as Family Cloth. It made perfect sense to me because I was already doing “potty laundry” (washing diapers) on a regular basis anyway." she starts her caption on Instagram.

"My husband wasn’t into it, and for a while, only our son and I used it, but when we ran out of toilet paper, I didn’t go and buy more... and neither did he 😄"

"So, how does this work? Well, you go potty and then you wipe your tush with a nice, soft cloth, instead of some weird paper that breaks apart and leaves little pieces on you. Then you drop the used cloth into a wet bag to be washed later."

"We have a collection of cut up t-shirts and flannel receiving blankets. A friend made us a t-shirt quilt for our wedding and I couldn’t bring myself to throw away the leftover pieces of the shirts that we didn’t need. Voila! Family cloth!"

"Our bag doesn’t stink at all, and we wash it when it gets full. I do a pre-rinse/wash and run the regular cycle on hot just like I used to do with our cloth diapers."

It's an interesting concept that's for sure! And one that we don't think is too widely adopted in New Zealand at this stage...