Woman goes viral with her epic Christmas tree tee-pee

Christmas 08/12/2020

One woman's incredibly creative project has earned her a lot of praise online after she created an awesome Christmas tree tee-pee.

Of course, all Christmas traditions are allowed to be thrown out the window this year due to the crazy, lockdown-filled, social-distancing, hand-sanitising, mask-wearing year 2020 has been.

So, instead or a traditional tree, why not opt for a mum in the UK's epic invention of a  tee-pee transformed into a Christmas tree - it looks amazing!

The tree is hollow on the inside which gives kids a den to hide in – or is the perfect place to stash all your gifts.

Revealing how she made it, first she pinned the edges of the tepee back to open up the space.

Then she stapled some Christmas tree branches from a broken tree onto the wooden frame.

She continued: “Added branches by twisting them to each other.

“Filled In with smaller tree pieces to make it look rounder.”

Then came the finishing touches, with the mum adding a white fluffy rug underneath the tree and stringing fairy lights around it.

She topped it off with bow, and added “non-breakable” ornaments.

She posted a gallery of her invention to Facebook, and since posting it she has racked up over 7,000 reactions! Take a look below.