Waikato woman shares yummy method for creating Spearmint Christmas Tree


Waikato woman Jos Philip has shared with us her good-looking and delicious Spearmint Christmas tree which she uses on as a table decoration on Christmas Day. The Christmas decoration is a favourite in her household as it also doubles as a yummy dessert!

Posting her method and photos of the Spearmint Christmas Tree on The Breeze Waikato Facebook page, it sounds like it will be appearing on a few Kiwi Christmas tables this festive season!

Jos shared how to do it in the comments:

"Spearmint leaves from warehouse - can’t remember if it’s 2 or 3 packets. Snip the end off to make a flat edge. Glue 2 ice cream cones together with melted white chocolate, then glue to the plate you want the tree presented on."

"Use the melted white chocolate to attach the leaves, start at the bottom then next layer place the leaf in the gap. As you go stick on the M&Ms as the baubles. Finish the top with leaves or a lollypop etc, put in fridge to harden the chocolate then it’s easier to tip it sideways a little to dust icing sugar on as your snow."

"I usually empty M&M’s, treats or chocolates around the bottom of the tree. Enjoy!"

Thanks for sharing, Jos!