Postman brought to tears by his son's heartbreaking letter to Santa

Must See 08/12/2020

A US-based postman has shared a rather emotional moment online after discovering his son's letter to Santa.

The postman, who is currently working the through the busiest part of the year thanks to online shopping for Christmas gifts, broke down in tears after reading the letter and realised that he needed to make being home for his son more of a priority than work.

While most kids write about the latest gadgets, toys and tech, the postman's son Jonah pleaded with Santa to help his dad out with deliveries, so he could be home for Christmas.

After reading the heartbreaking note, the dad admitted he broke down in tears, and realised he needed to spend more time at home.

He shared the touching letter to Reddit, saying: “I’m a UPS driver and I cried when I opened up our son’s letter to Santa.

“This letter really opened up my eyes on some things.”

The touching letter has racked up more than 3000 comments, as people sympathised with the dad’s position.

One fellow dad wrote: “I can only imagine how that feels. Used to be a ups truck driver assistant you guys work hard long hours. Keep your head up.”

Another said: “As a warehouse worker I’m with you. 6 day weeks since March, I cry once I’m home and finally hold my kids.”

“If you ever needed a sign that you need to spend more time with your kid, this is it,” a third commented.