People are turning their Christmas tree into The Grinch


2020 has been a crazy old year, so there's no reason why people can't get a little crazy in their decorating this festive season. 

The Grinch is one of the best characters at Christmas time. Whether you love him or hate hin, he is an icon and generations know all about him.

So when an Etsy store released a Grinch Christmas tree topper, it was understandble that people went bananas over it and had to have it - or at least DIY their own version so that their Christmas tree looked like The Grinch as well!

TheCraftheadsStore's Grinch Christmas Tree Topper is so epic, it come in two pieces so it looks like The Grinch is actually hiding in your Christmas Tree.

The arm and the head both have 2 wires in them that you can wrap around the trunk of your tree for the best position. Use your tree branches to help prop them in place.