Woman shares the simple trick she does to help calm her dog on Guy Fawkes night

Must See 03/11/2020

Guy Fawkes night is one of the most controversial days of the year.

It seems majority of Kiwis wish the selling of fireworks to the public for private use was banned - and that is mostly for the sake of their precious animals.

Sure, while some animals aren't affected by the booms and bangs of fireworks, there are many animals who are terrified of the loud noises, flashes of lights and chaos that ensues.

One British woman has taken to Facebook to share how she calms her dog Tessa during fireworks night.

The hack is simple, but has amazing results and sees Tessa able to fall asleep peacefully while the fieworks go on outside.

Using a stretchy sock (with the toes cut off by the looks), Joanna pulls the sock over Tessa's ears. It helps her fall asleep.