Woman shares genius bread bag tag hack that is perfect for keen gardeners

Eco 02/11/2020

In this day and age, reusing and recycling is more important than ever. And finding new ways to reuse household items instead of simply tossing them in the bin can be a very challenging but rewarding task.

One woman has shared a genius hack to reusing bread bag tags. She shared the hack in the Facebook group Upcycle it which is all about finding ways to upcycle household goods instead of biffing them.

The hack was via her mum who reuses her bread bag tags to idenntify her plant cuttings!


Fellow upcyclers flooded the comments with praise.

"Wow never seen that one before great idea" said one.

"Now thats using her loaf!" said another.

Other people offered their versions of the hack.

"I cut up milk bottles for mine"

"Plastic spoons are handy as well"