NZ's first adoptable dog cafe set to be planted in Christchurch

NZ 13/11/2020

Loveable canines and delicious coffees? Sounds like the perfect place to be!

Christchurch looks to become the home of NZ's only adoptable dog cafe, with a location found for The Barkery close to New Brighton.

The dog cafe, which has only operated as 'Pup-Up' events, is now crowdfunding $50,000 for their new permanent location in Christchurch's Red Zone.

The cafe will provide a menu for both humans and canines to indulge, a hireable place for doggo birthday parties, and give humans the opportunity to look at adoptable dogs from Dogwatch and Christchurch Bull Breed Rescue.

"The Barkery is a fantastic concept, and it's about time someone brought this revolutionary idea to Christchurch," said Charlene from Christchurch Bull Breed Rescue.

"Dog owners like to unite around things, and having a place where people can go to, interact with their dogs, and having a social and different environment to go to, instead of parks and beaches - it's fantastic!"

Founder Jack Penniket hopes to open their doors by April 2021, with a percentage of all profits will be returned to local dog shelters.

Find out how you can help at their Pledge Me page here.