Whoopi Goldberg praises Patrick Swayze & reveals how he helped her get iconic role

Must See 21/10/2020

Whoopi Goldberg is nothing less of a Hollywood icon. She has been in many films that have defined generations, is one of the very rare famous faces who are an EGOT (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony Award winner) and one of the first ones was Ghost where she starred alongside the the late Patrick Swayze.

Recently Whoopi appeared on a talkshow and discussed her time on the hit film and how she almost didn't get it.

Goldberg remincesed on how she was keen on audtioning for the film, but originally had no idea about it. Then, when her agent revealed that he hadn't asked her to audition because the film producers thought she would overshadow others she admitted being hurt, but she moved on. 

Later on, her agent called her to say that the director wanted her to come in after all.

Patrick Swayze had found it ridiculous that they didn't audition Goldberg and refused to take his role until they did. 

Goldberg soon came in, and right as she and Swayze saw each other, they shared a laugh. Swayze was apparently a big fan, and the two were natural on-screen together. In real life, they could talk for hours. 

Of course, Goldberg got the role in the movie as the fake psychic Oda Mae Brown. She would end up snagging the Oscar award for Best Supporting Actress for her part in the film later on. 

You can watch Whoopi talk about her time on Ghost below.