The Crown's latest trailer showcases Princess Diana & Prince Charles' dark fairytale

Must See 14/10/2020

The Crown's latest trailer for Season Four of their popular Netflix series has dove deep into the relationship of Diana, Princess of Wales and Prince Charles.

Of course, most royal fans are familiar with the ill-fated love story of the pair, but to see it played out on The Crown is leaving them budding with excitement.

"Here is the stuff of which fairy tales are made - a prince and princess on their wedding day," a voiceover plays.

"But fairy tales usually end at this point, with the simple phrase, 'They lived happily ever after.' As husband and wife live out their vows, loving and cherishing one another - sharing life’s splendors and miseries, achievements and setbacks - they will be transformed in the process. Our faith sees the wedding day not as the place of arrival, but the place where the adventure really begins."

The trailer ends with Princess Diana in her wedding dress.

The new trailer also gives fans the first footage of Gillian Anderson in the role of Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, seen curtsying deeply to Olivia Colman's Queen.

There is also tension between the Queen and Prince Philip (Tobias Menzies), seen having a staredown before Philip walks away. Meanwhile, Princess Margaret, played by Helena Bonham Carter, is going through her own struggles, seen solemnly reflecting in a pool and sitting in a hospital bed with an oxygen mask.

We are just one month away from the Season 4 premiere.