Prince William gives first ever inspiring and informative TED Talk

royals 12/10/2020

The Duke of Cambridge has just given his very first TED Talk - and we would say he would be definetly invited back to give his second, third (even tenth!) TED Talk after his inspiring speech tackling global warming.

Prince William's speech was played during TED's first free, virtual conference. The theme was global warming.

Speaking from outside the famous Windsor Castle, where his grandmother now lives fulltime, the Duke talked about the history in his family and how our impacts have accelerated the effects of global warming.

"Growing up in my family gives you a certain sense of history. I’m simply the latest in a line that can be traced back generations. This oak tree is close to Windsor Castle, which has been home to my family for over 900 years. Thirty-nine monarchs have lived here and enjoyed these beautiful surroundings." he said.

"While these oaks have been growing, around 35 billion people have lived their lives on our planet. That’s 35 billion lifetimes worth of hope, love, fear and dreams," he continued.

"Over my Grandmother’s lifetime, the last 90 years or so, our impact has accelerated so fast that our climate, oceans, air, nature and all that depends on them are in peril," he said.

He went on to describe the lasting effects of global warming.

"This oak has stood here for centuries. But never has it faced a decade like this. We start this new decade knowing that it is the most consequential period in history,” he said. “The science is irrefutable. If we do not act in this decade, the damage that we have done will be irreversible and the effects felt not just by future generations, but by all of us alive today."

Watch it above.