New viral chocolate bar challenge is even leaving chocoholics stumped

Food 02/10/2020

A new internet challenge has emerged on Twitter and it has stumped even some of the biggest chocoholics!

The challenge is a quiz which shows 20 popular chocolate bars all sliced through the middle.

From the image, people have to guess how many they could correctly name. The original poster, Richard Osmon, admitted he got 16 out of 20.

Scroll to the bottom of this article for the answers.

Here are the answers. How many did you get correct?

Note: There are a couple that aren't available here in NZ!

1. Bounty
2. Lion Bar
3. Mars Bar
4. Reeses Nut Bard
5. Double Decker
6. Topic
7. Star Bar
8. Kit Kat Chunky
9. Yorkie
10. Peppermint Aero
11. Wispa Gold
12. Boost
13. Snickers
14. Milky Way
15. Fudge
16. Toffee Crisp
17. Cadbury's Caramel
18. Turkish Delight
19. Picnic
20. Crunchie