Little boy's lost stuffed puppy gets day spa treatment before being returned to its human

Must See 16/10/2020

One little boy's lost stuffed puppy was found by the right people.

A special little patchwork puppy was found on its lonesome on a bench outside of a doggy day spa business.

Being in the doggie spa business, it was only right that the staff treat this special puppy toy to a relaxing day at the spa before finding its owner.

And because of the circumstances, this puppy got the full works. A thorough bath got him nice and squeaky clean. When his “fur” was dried, he got a beautiful blue bow and a stylish outfit.

Groomer Bri Ring told News Center Maine she didn’t want the boy to worry about his cherished friend.

“I was a little kid once and I always loved having stuffed animals and I didn’t want this little boy to worry that his little stuffed dog was on the bench and sad and alone so he gets to hang out with us and have a good time,” Ring said.

The post, being too adorable to handle, got the attention of the boy’s mother, and he was quickly reunited with his freshly styled friend.