Google's new feature means you can hum or whistle songs and it will tell you its name

Must See 20/10/2020

We've all been there before.

You've got the tune of a song stuck in your head and you can't for the life of you think what the song is, or what the suitable lyrics are to punch into Google and find the song that has been taking up your brain.

You may try to hum or whistle the tune to your friends, but they have no clue as to what song they're trying to decipher.

Well now, Google has a thing to help you out in that exact situation.

You can now hum, sing or whistle the tune into your phone and it will tell you what that song is.

To get started using Google's new feature, grab your phone and open the latest version of the Google app or Google Search widget. Then, tap the Microphone icon and say "what's this song?" You can also tap the Search a song button. Finally, start humming, singing or whistling the tune to get your results.

If you're using Google Assistant, just say "Hey Google, what's this song?" and then start humming the tune. Google will show you the most likely results based on the tune you hummed.

You can select the song to listen to it and see if it's the one that's been stuck in your head.

Google announced the new feature last week and has started rolling it out globally to iPhone and Android users. It's currently available in English for iPhone users and in more than 20 languages on Android. Note that this new tool only works on mobile devices, so at this time, it won't work on your Google Home or Nest speakers.