David Attenborough's new Netflix documentary leaving people in tears

Must See 06/10/2020

David Attenborough has made our 2020 a little bit better by releasing a brand new documentary on Netflix.

The documentary is titled 'A Life On Our Planet' and is a moving documentary that has seen some viewers in pools of tears.

David Attenborough has called the new documentary his "witness statement" for the enviroment and in it, he goes on to trace his more than 60-year career as a naturalist, mapping how steeply the planet’s biodiversity has degenerated before him. Global air travel was new when he began his work, and footage of him as a young producer encountering exotic flora and fauna lends a moving, even haunting, note to his plea to restore ecological balance.

Sir David Attenborough's latest documentary boasts a powerful message of hope for future generations as Attenborough reveals the solutions to help save our planet from disaster.

It is a hard watch, and has left viewers in tears as you can see in multiple tweets from around the world.