Grandad spends spare time building epic mini pink caravan for his granddaughter

Must See 04/09/2020

This grandad has just earned himself the 'Grandad of the Year' award from his granddaughter!

Posting in the Facebook group 'FAMILY LOCKDOWN TIPS & IDEAS', Chantel Warrick shared the project her father had carefully crafted for her daughter.

"I have one clever dad!!!" she wrote on the page.

"He knocked this beautiful shepherds hut up for my daughter from scratch. Drew his own plans, ordered the materials, used his AMAZING carpentry skills et voila. It’s even insulated and has double glazed windows. All built by his own fair hands and good enough to move in to. My daughter Nola and I are literally in love "

People swarmed the comments with praise for the woman's dad and his handiwork.

And many suggested that her dad should use his workmanship to start a side job as they believed many people would be keen to purchase the caravan or a similar design.