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Girl makes impressive powerpoint presentation to convince her parents to get a cat
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Girl makes impressive powerpoint presentation to convince her parents to get a cat

We're not surprised it worked!
21 September 2020 10:21AM

Thinking back to when you were a kid, there was no doubt something that you really, really wanted but your parents weren't just going to give to you.

You had to prove how much you wanted it, maybe even pick up extra chores or an after school job to collect the funds needed to get the thing.

In this day and age it may seem like some kids get everything they want whenever they want, but one US couple has really made their daughter work to get her wish.

After begging her parents for a cat and realising she wasn't getting anywhere, she decided to take her begging one step forward and put together an extensive power point presentation highlighting the reasons and benefits of getting a cat.

Christopher Doyle, the girl’s father, shared what he thought would be an ordinary tweet about his daughter’s desire to get a cat. What started with a few photos of a brief PowerPoint presentation she made to persuade her parents quickly became a viral sensation. 

According to one of her slides, she’s been researching cat ownership for over five years and is "more than prepared" for all the responsibilities that come with the job of being a cat mum.

"Overall, having a cat would be pretty fun and cool and like I said, I would take care of it," she wrote in her persuasive presentation. "It would literally be the happiest day of my life pls."

She also brought  out some high-level parenting guilt in one of her arguments. It seems mom and dad had promised her she could get a hamster before and, for some reason, that pet never materialized.

"Please. Seriously, you promised me a hamster five years ago but that never happened," the girl wrote. "Just let me have this"

Even Microsoft, the maker of PowerPoint, was impressed with the girls’ presentation and chimed in to support her cause.

"A very compelling presentation!" the company wrote on Twitter. "She has us convinced."

And if you're looking for the conclusion of this story, thanks to how viral the Dad's tweet got, his daughter did get the cat.