Cure your hay fever allergies with these all natural remedies

health 16/09/2020

It's spring time! 

And while we love spring with the longer days, the warmer temps, the beautiful blossoms and baby animals... we despise the allergies that come along with it.

Itchy eyes, running noses, sneezes and sometimes even rashes are all common symptoms during the spring season for hayfever sufferers.

If you're not wanting to rush to the medicine cupboard to treat your symptoms, take a look at these natural remedies orginally shared by Readers Digest.

Postpone outdoor activity to the afternoon.

Most plants pollinate in the morning, so halting your outdoor activity to the afternoon is a great idea. 

Change your clothes when you get home

When you get home from being out and about, take off your clothes and change into some fresh new ones. This way you can ensure you get rid of any stray pollen that has stuck to you throughout the day. 

If you want to go one step further, it doesn't hurt to have a quick rinse in the shower.

Search your home for triggers

Mould, dust mites and pollen in your house can all inflame allergies. Use a diluted bleach solution to clean mould in basements, garages and on old patio furniture.

Use your dehumidifier

You should keep humidity levels below 50 percent to kill dust mites, but above 30 percent to avoid making your home too dry.

Leave your car windows up

Keep windows closed when driving. If it’s hot, use the air conditioner instead.

Watch your pets

Your pets can be bringing pollen indoors! Clean your pets. Wipe off their paws when they come home and wipe down their fur after they’ve been outside.