Cat owners should feed their felines one meal a day, new study suggests

pets 29/09/2020

We know the saying, dogs have masters, cats have slaves. But while cats think they rule the roost, they may not realise that they're less likely to beg for food if they're fed a more strategic way.

A new study from the University of Guelph in Ontario, Canada, has found that cats are less likely to beg for food and will be generally more satisfied if they have one large meal a day, rather than two smaller ones.

The research found that feeding them in this way will be similar to their eating patterns in the wild, giving cats better control over their hunger, as if they are ‘intermittently fasting'.

The authors also pointed out that feeding cats once at breakfast could stop them begging and meowing for food, which in turn could reduce the risk of obesity and overeating.

"These findings may surprise the veterinary community and many cat owners who have been told their animals need several small meals a day. But these results suggest there are benefits to this approach," says study’s co-author professor Adronie Verbrugghe.

"This approach is really yet another tool in a veterinarian or a cat owner’s toolbox for managing a cat’s weight and keeping their animals healthy and happy.  But we always have to look at each individual animal and account for the cat’s and owner’s lifestyle.

"So although this approach might be helpful to promote satiety in some cats, it might not help another."

Looks like humans aren't the only ones that should start the day with a good hearty breakfast!

Source: Metro