Bridesmaids surprise bride by recreating Donna and the Dynamos from Mamma Mia!

Must See 01/09/2020

Now these are some great friends!

Social media user @emilee.a.smith has shared the epic performance her and her fellow bridesmaids did the night before their best friend (the bride's) wedding.

Donned in their best ABBA inspired 70s outfits, the girls hid behind closed sliding doors before they were slid open to let the bride see their surprise performance.

You can see the bride was extremely excited by what was about to unfold before her eyes!

Emilee captioned the 3-part video series on Tik Tok with: "If you don’t perform as Donna and the Dynamos from Mamma Mia! the night before the bride’s wedding, you’re doing it wrong."

Watch the 3-part series below.