Aeroplane company open up 'airline-themed' restaurant serving aeroplane food

travel 07/09/2020

The catering team at Thai Airways has come up with their own way of continuing to serve that most unique of dining experiences, the airplane meal.

A restaurant has been set up on the second floor of the airline's headquarters in Bangkok so guests climb a flight of stairs, just as they would boarding an aircraft.

The seats are of course authentic, taken from the many aircraft that are grounded due to COVID-19.

There are coffee tables made out of aircraft tyres and larger tables made in the style of an aircraft engine, all attempting to create the ultimate earthbound place to eat for plane enthusiasts.

The variety of the food on offer isn't huge, but it's a bit more than the cliche beef or fish offerings on many airlines, and the prices are pretty reasonable too.

Included on the menu:

  • Penne Pasta Carbonara: NZ$6
  • Caesar Tuna Salad: NZ$4.70
  • Pasta Beef Bolognese: NZ$6
  • Chicken Shawarma: NZ$4.50
  • Mixed Seafood Yakisoba: NZ$7.60
  • Beef Kut Tah with Rice: NZ$8.55
  • Mango Cheesecake: NZ$5.70