"White Princess" plant sells for almost $7000 on Trademe

Must See 04/09/2020

An extrememly sought after houseplant has become the second most expensive indoor plant to be sold on Trademe, selling at a whopping $6700.

The rare "White Princess" plant was listed with a $1 reserve, but after two bidders went head-to-head in a bidding war, the seller found that the selling price of the plant had reached $6700.

The auction closed last night with a total of 235 bids.

Credit: Trademe

The Trademe listing read:

"Super rare! Philodendron Erubescens ‘white princess’. With a pup!! So you’ll have two growth points :) This is the sister plant of the Philodendron pink princess. The last photo shows my pink and white princesses. You can see really nice variegation on the stem and petioles in the photos. Comes in an approx. 6cm pot in spag moss. Have grown from a cutting. I checked the roots today and looking really good :) Buyer can contactless pick up or I can ship (carefully) at buyers risk."

Back in June, a Kiwi sold a Hoya houseplant for a huge $6500.

Credit: Trademe