Woman shares nifty trick of how to make a no-sew face mask out of a sock

Must See 12/08/2020

With the ongoing global pandemic, and the recent announcements in New Zealand, it is very smart to have a few different masks handy - and wear them.

If you are looking for something that isn't a disposable, one-use surgical mask, there are a multitude of sewing patterns online for free that you can make yourself.

But, if you aren't so handy on a sewing machine and need a mask in the interim until you can purchase approved fabric masks or more surgical grade masks, then this handy trick shared on Facebook and Tik Tok could be a great idea for you.

And it is a great way to use up any lonely socks floating around your house!

You will need a clean sock and a good pair of scissors.

The tutorial is in Dutch, but it is very easy to follow along.

Please be aware that this No-Sew Mask hasn't been approved by our government and may not be the best mask to use if you are sick or showing Covid symptoms.

But it could be a great mask to use if you are without of the approved face masks.