Woman repurposes old beer bottle caps into a work of art

Must See 10/08/2020

If you're a person who likes to enjoy the odd beer (or live with someone who enjoys them!) then you will probably render the bottle caps useless once you have had a go at answering the question on the inside of the lid.

But one woman named Jozy has found a seriously impressive way to repurpose the old beer bottle caps and we think it looks gorgeous!

Using an old plank of wood as a backing, a bit of glue, some thick twine and beer bottles she managed to create a very cool sunflower art piece.

Created by Jozy Phillips // Facebook

It looks like she may have painted the bottle caps to erase any of the beer producers logos and to match her sunflower theme - but we think she has done a fabulous job!

We could so see one of these hanging in our kitchens, or in the garden, or even the bathroom!