Meghan Markle appears in new "historic backyard chat" with her two dogs

royals 27/08/2020

Meghan Markle has appeared in a "historic backyard chat" with her friend Gloria Steinem (American feminist, journalist, and social political activist).

The two women chatted about the representation of women at the polls ahead of November's presidential election and how things have changed for feminists.

Meghan was quick to praise Prince Harry as a fellow feminist.

"You can be a feminist and be masculine and a guy." Gloria said to Meghan.

"Like my husband!" Meghan replied. "I love that when he just came in he said, 'You know that I’m a feminist too, right Gloria?! It's really important to me that you know that.'"

Meghan also spoke about how Prince Harry will be a positive influence on their 1-year-old son, Archie.

"I look at our son and what a beautiful example that he gets to grow up with a father who is so comfortable owning that as part of his own self-identification," she said. "That there’s no shame in being someone who advocates for fundamental human rights for everyone, which of course includes women."

Steinem added, "And also that he is a nurturing father. Because then your son will grow up knowing it's OK to be loving and nurturing."

"Well said," Meghan replied. "I know it’ll mean a lot to him when I share that."

The full video is yet to be released, but you can see a short clip of their time together below or read their conversation here.