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Kiwis hilariously review NZ's '1pm Daily Update' on IMDb
Must See
Must See

Kiwis hilariously review NZ's '1pm Daily Update' on IMDb

Kiwis have found humour is the best way to get through 'Season 2' of the global pandemic.

With our 'second wave' of the global pandemic hitting the country, some Kiwis have found a rather hilarious coping mechanism to help get them through.

Someone has created NZ's '1pm Daily Update' its very own page on IMDb - a website where people around the globe post their reviews, sypnosis' and trivia about their favourite movies and TV shows.

The '1pm Daily Update' has already picked up a slew of reviews for its 'Season Two', with many of reviews being close to the 10 stars mark.

Here's some of our favourite reviews, but you can read them all here.

"Well NZ's favourite show is back for season 2, which I wasn't expecting since the season 1 finale seemed to have wrapped up all the storylines. The first episode was incredibly gripping, although I must admit I didn't realise it was on until maybe 15 minutes after it started, but I caught up pretty quickly."

"Hoping that Series Two will be shorter this time as I really feel the first series dragged on way to long."

"Wherever I am, I always make sure to get home in time to watch this must-see TV in the comfort of my own takeaway boxes and empty bottles."

"The dynamic duo are back on our screens giving us our daily dose of information. Season 2 has already started with a bang, what will happen next?"

"Season 1 was one hell of an emotional rollercoaster. I can't wait to see what's in store for season 2!"

"Nothing makes me more happy than to see the daily episodes. Dr Bloomfield is certainly the eye candy of the show, but his character is so sweet and pure you cant help but fall in love."