Woman swears off oven cleaner after using baby wipes to clean it

Must See 31/07/2020

A mum has accidentally stumbled upon a genius life hack, esspecially for people who hate cleaning the oven (all of us).

After sharing her idea on the Mums Who Clean Facebook page she quickly went viral...

"OMG... Just cooked Roast Lamb in the oven and decided to use the baby wipes to get excess fat off the oven before washing, can't believe the result."

"No more oven cleaner needed after these wipes."

The response online was hugely positive, with many others sharing their own wet wipe hacks!

"My kids are 4 and 6 and I use wipes for everything," one mum shared.

"I use these particular wipes for a lot of my kitchen cleaning! Especially the cupboard doors, fridge and dishwasher. No streaking." commented someone else.

"I’ve always used baby wipes, from cleaning the range hood through to the skirting boards and always marvelled that these very wipes are meant for babies beautiful soft & delicate skin!" added another.

Might worth giving this a go next time your oven is in need of a scrub!