Woman shares her simple trick to pillow washing and avoiding 'bunching'

Must See 20/07/2020

If you've ever washed a pillow, you will understand how it gets all 'chunky'.

But an Australian woman has shared her handy little trick that makes sure whenever she washes her pillows, they come out all nice and extra fluffy.

The trick is widely known, and involves a dryer ball - or a tennis ball and a sock.

The woman, who goes by the name Mama Mila on TikTok and regularly shares her cleaning and home decorating tips and hacks, uploaded a video after one of her followers asked, “Can you show us how you wash your pillows”.

The clip takes her fans through ‘how to wash your pillows and prevent clumping’, revealing it should be done every three to six months as pillows can breed bacteria bad for your skin and health.

“Majority can be washed in the machine,” the video explains.

“Wash two at a time with warm water and liquid detergent, powder detergent may leave a ‘film’,” she continued.

She then adds two drops of eucalyptus oil to “kill any dust mites”, but when it comes to drying them, that’s where the magic happens.

The trick is to dry them flat and in the shade, but not let them dry completely.

Then you want to pop them in the dryer for a quick final fluff.

“Place in the dryer with a dryer ball or tennis ball inside a sock for 5 minutes. This helps fluff the pillows and avoids ‘bunching’,” she revealed.

Her fans were thankful for the tip with some having not used a dryer ball before.

“Thank you,” was one grateful response.

“I can never get my pillows to completely dry out when I’ve washed them in the past,” another person said.

While some people did ask what to do if you actually don’t have a dryer, to which someone in the comments gave a helpful - and hilarious - tip.

“I don’t have a dryer so I hit mine with a frying pan to fluff them up again,” she said.