Woman sees her dog's face in the clouds just hours after she passes away

Must See 10/07/2020

Losing a pet is always tough, but the grief was made a little bit easier for this Twitter user after she shared the amazing 'sign' that happened after the passing of her loved dog.

"My dog passed away in my Dad's arms this morning seconds before setting off to the vets." she wrote.

"Later in the day we went out to clear our head and I cried to my boyfriend in the seat she died in, just begging for a sign that she’s okay. this is what I was blessed with..."

She then shared a photo seemingly showing clouds in the shape of her dog's face...

The photo quickly went viral online, with some saying they've experienced similar things...

"Omg, the EXACT SAME THING happened to us in April when our baby passed away! Sending your family a lot of love and comfort during this difficult time!" one wrote.

Such and amazing sign, we're pleased the family found comfort in it!