Woman reunited with her missing cat 12 years after he ran away while moving house

Must See 03/07/2020

12 years ago, US woman Vicky Swainson lost her cat, Gucci, while she was moving house.

She was absolutely gutted and while she remained hopeful that she would find him again, as the years ticked by that glimmer of hope seemed to fade.

Speaking to SWNS, Vicky said: "We were hoping to get him used to the new place but while we were moving he just escaped from his room and disappeared," she said.

"We saw him jump into a nearby allotment and went to look for him but everywhere we searched we couldn’t find him."

"We tried calling for him, we tried shaking his favorite biscuits, we tried everything. I just wanted him to come back. I couldn’t believe he’d disappeared. Even after we moved we walked two miles back to our old house for six months in the hope we’d stumble upon him. It was so heartbreaking - Gucci was part of the family." she continued.

12 years later, Vicky recieved a phonecall that Gucci had been found. She admitted that she was in shock with the news, and that it was rather hard to believe.

When I got the call I was in total shock, I couldn’t even process what was happening,

"When I realized it was my Gucci, I just felt overjoyed and overwhelmed. Gucci was alive and well, and I was going to see him." she said.

"It was such a crazy and surreal phone call — I was pinching myself," she added. "It really was a one in a million chance. I don’t think I’ll ever believe I have him back, even if I’m holding him."

She said she was pretty sure that Gucci remembered his long lost owner, and despite him looking a bit older around the face - he was the same cat she remembered more than a decade ago.