Woman returns to her home only to discover that her potatoes have taken over

Food 06/07/2020

It's true that if left too long, potatos can grow a life of their own! And one French woman learnt that the hard way after returning to her flat after locking down else where.

After weeks away from her home, she was shocked when she got home and saw her bag of potatos had grown huge, tentacle-like sprouts that were metres tall.

She shared the pictures on social media, which show the potato bag under her desk completely overrun sprouts.

The roots grew high up, not being disturbed by the shelves above them, while in search of water.

She captioned the pictures: "After three months away, my potatoes decided to grow without limits, so much so that they made a hole in the seals."

The woman told Metro UK: "Before I realised they were just potato sprouts, I was terrified by the silhouette with the long rods along the wall. ‘It was only after I turned the light on that I realised that they were just sprouts, and then I laughed at the whole, unusual situation."