Woman praised after showing off her huge washing pile on Facebook

Must See 28/07/2020

An Aussie mum has issued a reminder to other parents not to sweat the small stuff, even if your small stuff has gotten out of hand in a big way. 

Posting on Australian Facebook group 'Mums who Clean', Perth woman Kodie Quinlivan revealed her decision not to put fold, iron or put away any washing during lockdown resulted in one of the largest washing piles you may ever have seen. 

It was so massive, the mum-of-four was able to sit atop it like she had conquered Everest, christening the pile 'Mount Fold-more'.

"Have you ever looked at your laundry pile and considered throwing it away? Asking for a friend," Quinlivan captioned the photo. 

She then added that instead of facing the mammoth task, she bagged it all up to take to the local laundrette to be re-washed and ironed - filling 50 supermarket bags. 

Her post gave a sense of relief to other mums in the group who wrote they had similarly given up over lockdown. 

"Love how you have owned that, made my day! We put so much pressure on ourselves and there's more in life than folding clothes," wrote one woman. "Enjoy your family, it'll still be there when you're ready."

Another woman said she showed her fiance the photo to prove she is not 'the only woman on the planet allergic to folding'.

"That's some serious washing, thank you for sharing - it does make me feel a bit better about mine!" she added. 

"I feel your pain!" added another.

Quinlivan added that her family is yet to face "the mission of putting them all away". 

"Everyone will be doing their own!' she said.