Woman creates super-realistic 'chicken breast' cake to take to her family BBQ

Food 20/07/2020

We are unsure if this plate was touched at the family BBQ!

An Australian woman has gone viral in the Facebook group Mums Who Cook & Bake thanks to her work in creating a super-realistic looking chicken breast cake to take as a dessert plate to her BBQ.

The cake is the perfect size, shape and look of a supermarket purchased chicken breast but is actually a delicious cake.

Facebook // Mums Who Cook & Bake

Many women in the Facebook group admitted in comments under the post that it took them a very long time to realise the chicken breast was actually a cake and requested that she cut the 'chicken breast' to prove that it is actually a cake.

Others admitted they couldn't quite wrap their head around the concept that she had actually iced a cake to look like a chicken breast.

"Oh god it took me so long to figure out that these are actual cakes that look like chicken breasts. I thought it was actual chicken breast that you stuffed with cake "

Facebook // Mums Who Cook & Bake