Woman creates epic 'home menu' for cheap using Kmart & Bunnings

Must See 29/07/2020

How cool is this!

If you've ever scrolled through Instagram or Pinterest you may have seen some of the kitchen inspo that features giant menu boards that are updated weekly with what is on the household's meal plan that week.

Not only do they look stunning, but they are super helpful too!

While they look awesome, to buy a premade one can be rather pricey. So one woman who is a member of Kmart Mums Australia, decided to 'hack' the menu boards and create her own cheaper version.

To be honest, we think it looks just as good (if not better!) than the Pinterest/Instagram ones.

Check it out below, and find out how to do it.

"My DIY letter menu made for $55 with 2 packs of $10 Kmart Wooden Alphabet letters and 7 pieces of balsa wood from Bunnings painted black and adhered with double sided tape & Blu tac " Shae wrote alongside the photos.

Shae was met with a lot of praise in the comments, and recieved well over one thousand reactions on the Facebook post.

We love the idea!