Robbie Williams is "scared" by a ghost-like presence in their home

Must See 08/07/2020

There's something creepy in Robbie Williams' house, and it's scaring him and his 7-year-old daughter Teddy.

The singer, who has previously claimed to have interactions with spirits and aliens, told his fans on Instagram that he had to swap bedrooms with his daughter Teddy.

"We have got a very, very old property – it is like a thousand years old," Robbie told his fans on Instagram Live. 

"There is one room that I am suspicious of. It gives me the creeps. Teddy, our daughter was sleeping in there. She doesn't any more."

"When she was getting old enough to speak, I said to her, 'Do you like the bedroom? Do you like the house?' And she said, 'I don't like that house'."

"I said, 'Why?' And she said, 'That room scares me'."

"I said, 'OK, it scares me too. You don't have to sleep there any more'."

Robbie, who has had the house up for sale since 2010, also claimed that he once saw the ghost of his dog.

"I do believe energies can be left in houses. I did see the ghost of a dog once. It was Trixie, our cairn terrier who passed away."

"My sister came home and I looked down and there was Trixie jumping up at her legs. And then I looked back and Trixie has gone. Who knows what that was."

"Was that a ghost or my mind playing tricks on me? What was that? Was that my mind replaying something I had seen 300 times?"

He joked that he preferred knowing had seen his dog, saying "I don't want to see a cat ghost. I would rather see a dog ghost."