Queen Elizabeth II is making and selling her own gin

royals 15/07/2020

Buckingham Palace has given royal fans a pretty epic new piece of royal merchandise!

The Royal Collection Trust (a department of the Royal Household that oversees the Royal Collection and opens royal residences to the public) revealed that an official Buckingham Palace gin is now available - both to the public at its online shop, and to guests at future palace events. The premium spirit is infused with 12 botanicals, some of which, including lemon verbena, hawthorn berries, bay leaves, and mulberry leaves, were sourced from the palace grounds.

The Trust also offered an ideal recipe for enjoying the gin in the announcement. "The recommended serving method," it read, "is to pour a measure of the gin into an ice-filled short tumbler before topping up with tonic and garnishing with a slice of lemon."

Or, if you prefer you can drink it how Her Majesty The Queen enjoys her gin - with Dubonnet.

It's also been revealed a few years ago, that Queen Elizabeth II also uses a mixture of gin and water to polish her large collection of sparkling diamonds.